Seize testicles self defense

A difficult subject to talk about but thank you. Very informative. If some one were to make a video then that would be good too. Very insightful article. Any man who tries to rape a women deserves to have both of his testicles crushed until they rupture in his scrotum. Thank you for this article it does explain the "testicle twist" in good detail.

It is a difficult subject to talk about but you did very well with this one. You should defiantly do more and every woman should read this.

You mentioned not negotiating with the man. Do you think a woman should ever let go as she is squeezing?

Kick Ass Self Defense

Thank you so much for writing this. This is very informative and more women should read it. I was wondering about how you take about the testicle giving way when it ruptures. How much do you think a woman should push into the testicle after that? Can she stop straight away or does she have to keep pushing to make sure he can no longer hurt her.

I was thinking of a situation where a woman was locked in a room with a man and might need to be near him for a while. Thank you again. Thank you for writing this. It would make a great youtube blog. I'm a small woman and I was wondering what exact hand grip would be best.

I am worried smaller women like me might struggle so how could we increase our chances of causing a testicle to rupture? Thank You. Thank you very much for this guide and taking the time to answer questions people have posted.Therefore, whenever I teach self-defense, I emphasize three things: knowledge of human anatomy, accuracy and commitment to executing the move. Mastering these elements will increase the likelihood of thwarting an attack on the street.

seize testicles self defense

The human body has vulnerable areas, as well as parts that make excellent weapons. Therefore, to mount an effective defense, you must know exactly where to strike, how hard and with what. On the other hand, both moves are wonderful close-range tools, and they can be devastating when done properly. Most kicks are also overrated. At the top of the list is kicking to the head. Kicking or kneeing an assailant in the groin is a wonderful strategy if you actually hit the target.

For example, I know that if I palm a man in the groin, I can grab and crush his testicles with my fingers without having to use much strength. Similarly, open-hand strikes to the windpipe are better anchored and more likely to hit their target than are punches. However, if your attacker manages to get on top of you, you can still fight back. Go for his eyes, windpipe and groin, all which are vulnerable while his hands are occupied.

The only way to overcome these feelings is to practice the techniques over and over on a willing partner. The best way to learn self-defense is to slowly introduce a few basic, realistic techniques into your repertoire without using power, speed or strength. Experiencing the way he reacts to your defense will increase your confidence, bring out your animal instinct and open all kinds of wonderful options for your counterattack. About the author: Kathy Long is a five-time kickboxing champion, a kung fu san soo expert and a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Thursday, June 30, Operation: Crush. Below Is An Article From ehow. The Grab the attacker's testicles. If you can't determine where exactly his testicles are located either because it's dark or because he is wearing thick pants, grab in his general crotch area. Once you have grabbed his testicles or whatever you can get a hold of in his crotch areatwist them in a quick, concise motion. Twisting a full turn is not necessary and will be difficult for you to do.

Instead, twist a half-turn or even a quarter-turn. The key here is a fast, powerful twist that will surprise him. If you are unable to twist for whatever reason, a squeeze will be just as sufficient.

After twisting, quickly pull what you're holding.

seize testicles self defense

Pull as if you are trying to pull his testicles out of his body--the harder you pull, the better. Your life is in danger and you are completely justified in causing him incredible pain.Ultimately, Rape Escape Options include knowing that a woman facing rape can never be sure if the rapist intends "only" to rape her without further harming or even killing her afterward.

If a rapist does become violent with a submissive victim, the escalation is usually sudden and explosive. Dare you risk surrendering and putting yourself fully at the mercy of a criminal — or fighting? Only your intuition can guide you. If you do choose to fight, then attack him as described in Fighting Options - Overview.

Ultimately, responding to any violent rapist with an eye-gouging, throat-piercing, testicle-shredding kill-or-be-killed fight for your life may well be your best chance for survival. See Optimal Mindset. Beware of exposing yourself to some barbaric males when certain clothes impede your running and fighting. Or, think how you would fight in those clothes — such as kicking off your high heels to run or kick.

However, that's merely the beginning of a new attitude — which requires your absolute willingness to cause severe injury to a rapist. He threatened to kill her and began punching her. She punched back. He pinned her arms and stuck his tongue in her mouth.

She bit hard. He lurched back and she grabbed his penis, squeezed, twisted, and dug in her nails. He went berserk and began punching her again until she used his penis to haul herself up into a sitting position and head-butted his face with all her might. He fled. Even when erect, a penis is merely soft tissue that's attached to a man's body only by weak, blood-engorged, spongy tissue, skin, nerves, and blood vessels — not by bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon, or anything at all sturdy.

The same goes for the testicles and scrotum. Thus, a man's genitalia are extremely vulnerable. A rapist's genitalia is within reach of the unbound victim — either from behind or in front — and many martial artists claim that it can be easily torn off his body.

What is the “Testicle Grab” Self Defense Technique?

Yet, if you think about it, this very same lack of volunteers makes it blatantly obvious that it's far too dangerous for anyone in his right mind to try testing this theory — even a failed attempt could maim. So it's a safe bet that a woman ferociously wrenching a rapist's genitalia like wringing out a washcloth — even one-handed — will seize absolute control of the encounter.

With the utmost irony, his fragile tool of crime suddenly becomes his undoing — truly poetic justice. Eyeballs and testicles are very similar in sensitivity. Then imagine how excruciating any more force would be and remember how even an air-borne speck in your eye feels huge and distressing. The sensitivity of testicles is virtually identical. Thus, a rapist's most vulnerable targets are his weakest body parts: his four balls — eyeballs and testicles.

Or, if you're forced to perform fellatio, his penis or testicles can easily be bitten off. Either biting off or tearing off his genitalia will cause a rapist to suffer severe pain, blood loss, reactive shock, and panic.

In all likelihood, he'll frantically scramble to get away from you — especially if you keep furiously attacking him until you suddenly flee — and the police will easily find him when he desperately seeks attention at a hospital.I only slept 3 hours last night because the Gospel Marathon was a success we finished two hours faster than the group did last year!

Whether I run at pm or noon, running is risky. We sat in a classroom and everyone told scary stories about rapists, muggers, and burglars. And we all were very serious. I think the stories were supposed to frighten me into making better choices. You know how pecan pie is pretty much the best thing God ever gave us? I definitely learned how to make homemade pecan pie because it is superior to all other desserts in the whole history of the world.

With ice cream all melty over top of it. It also has an impressive amount of unhealthy, but I still eat it, knowing full-well that it makes me fatter.

Night air. I get to wear a headlamp. Relief from the summer heat. No pressure. Blow my nose on my shirt if I feel like it. No one looking. Like I said, pecan pie is far superior to ALL desserts in the whole history of the world.

seize testicles self defense

Pastor Dave! It was really good to meet you too. I just sent Matt an email telling him how much I loved the closeness of your church. It reminded me and my friends of the church in Acts.

Just a few weeks ago a 24 year old woman from Zimbabwe named Grace Mutingwende used it against her 23 year old attacker. He was arrested on the same spot where he collapsed after having his testicles crushed! This is very likely to happen in a sex attack giving you a great opportunity to seize his testicles. Locking your fingers around the top of either one or both prevents them from escaping your grip. The more women and girls learn techniques such as this one the more able we will be to fight back successfully.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Email Facebook Twitter. Like this: Like Loading You like disgusting pecan pie. Pumpkin pie is far superior in almost every context 2. You work well under sleep deprived conditions. You totally think your invincible. I support you. Carpe testiculis — now my new life motto! Wait…that sounds kind of…nevermind.March 28, Hey here is another email sent from our mens right guy.

Been busy so I can write much so here you go. I have been doing a bit more thinking about the effects of trolls as a result of the feedback from my other letters. It is clear that male trolls are out there and having a serious effect. They offer information to women that is faulty and limits them while shaming women who wish to learn more about testicle rupture or post rupture torture. Or even women wanting to learn more about high damage testicle torture.

Kicking Myths I have seen pages trying give women bad information about sessions of testicle kicking. Some even deter the idea of practicing kicking and shame women who try to improve their technique. They give very bad advice to I want to correct some of that now. There are a lot of discussion about how hard a woman should kick and exposed pair of testicles. Read more. Answer to question 3. March 03, Another question answered.

How effective is squeezing someone's testicles in self defense?

He's doing alright! In response to the idea of a kicking room has been mentioned on here. A place where a woman can take a man, restrain him fully with his legs apart and kick his balls as much as she feels is fair. Another characteristic is a woman being able to use the room as she pleases and no need to prove a mans guilt.

A woman often needs no evidence and can just accuse a man then take him to a rupture room and punish him. Or if guilt looks likley he can be punished and if proven innocent later then that is considered just hard luck. What are your thoughts Mr mans rights activist on this system as a tool for punishing men? The separate room means a man can be taken somewhere closed and private.

February 23, Another response to a question. He seems like a positive guy. You are basically claiming to be one of the good ones and maybe you are. But there are loads of sources online discussing testicle torture clearly written by men claiming to be trying to help that are bad. There are many sources that grossly misinform women about testicular rupture.FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. And yet we're all, men and women alike, conditioned by society to bypass the groin as a target, to pretend it isn't there, just as we're taught to pretend that rude bodily noises are never audible at important social functions.

This makes me sad. Kicking a guy in the balls, while not guaranteed to incapacitate him nothing's guaranteed in lifeis definitely one of your better options in a serious physical assault — and I say that not only as a self defense instructor, but also as a certified Emergency Medical Technician. In terms of trauma, you get a lot of bang for your buck when you attack the groin.

So let's demystify this forbidden technique. Here's how and why you should kick a guy in the balls I've illustrated this guide to kicking a guy in the balls with instructive video clips compiled from MMA fights. They model two distinct styles of fighting, and I think women especially need to see more potential ways we can fight. No matter how constrained we are by the gender expectations of our day, we can still find ways to protect ourselves and make our own decisions.

seize testicles self defense

D in Victorian Literature, a first-degree black belt in Kyokushin karate, a second-degree black belt in Seido karate, and national certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. I believe that everyone's body deserves respect. And I also believe in consequences. Imagine if 20 to 50 percent of male sexual assailants suffered genital injury.

Isn't it possible that fewer men would be willing to commit assault? I wonder how we could find out? Well women, the balls are in your court.

And yet we're all, men and women alike, conditioned by society to bypass the groin as a target, to pretend it isn't there, The first thing I ever learned in Krav Maga was how to most effectively knee an assailant in the groin; it's basically the cornerstone of the entire martial art. Someone's going to have to link to thismight as well be me. And yet we're all, men and women alike, conditioned by society to bypass the groin as a target, to pretend it isn't there My mother always told me that in a fight I should go for the groin, or possibly try to gouge out my attacker's eyes with my keys.

Seize testicles

It wasn't until I was grow that I realized that she was teaching her sons women's self defence, and why not? Susan Schorn holds a Ph. So basically Ms Schorn is well prepared for the apocalypse. I'm pretty good at making sammiches. She's v. As someone who grew up in the seventies and early eighties when violent crimes were triple the rate they are now I advise against a kick to the balls as an initial tactic. Much better is a punch to the nose as it makes the eyes water.

What is the “Testicle Grab” Self Defense Technique?

I guess we're back to saying "I'd hit it. As someone who grew up with balls, I can vouch for the fact that being kicked hard in them didn't really make my eyes water so much as it made them pour forth tears like those of a tiny sobbing infant.

I found a response to this! This response almost universally from men is so common I've come to think of it as "groinsplaining"—you can see it many of the YouTube comments in the videos linked above.

These people rarely volunteer to demonstrate their own iron balls in a real kicking situation, but they confidently assert that men in general can shrug off all kinds of damage to the groin. All I can say is, I've seen two-year-olds take down grown men via the groin, and toddlers don't even have any training. I like my odds. That's from the article! It's almost like you didn't read it! The real mistake would be expecting the kick to end things for you.The majority of people on the planet grossly overestimate their ability to do any real damage to the male genitalia.

The testicles are the REAL target of a genital attack and if you need to know a few key points to cause the desired effect. Think of the testicles like a speed bag. If hit from the front or sides they will move and absorb the strike. The only way to cause serious, blood curdling trauma to the testicles think of the speed bag is to smash them directly up into the pelvis bone or squeeze and pull them away from the body. Every man reading this just flinched. The force from this direction will smash them into the pelvic bone giving you the desired stopping power to drop him like a bad habit.

That being said you need to have enough room to get that knee, shin, tip of boot, edge of hand, hammer fist, forearm, web of hand into the crotch.

This means your target must have his feet close to parallel and wide enough apart so your attack can fit. In order to create an opening you need to do something that accomplishes two things — distracts him from millions of years of evolution and bring his feet parallel. Attacking the testicles will give you the desired result but it needs to be practiced correctly, with intent and full power if you want to stop an attacker dead in his tracks.

Pretending to hit the testicles or striking at them will not do a thing…and that will drive you nuts. I love it. Good info too. I quite like the slap, grab, and twist lol. The testicles are more difficult to attack in this state and must be slammed up against the pubic bone to have a desirable effect. The best method is to grab a squeeze. Slap your palm upwards into his scrotum and wrap your fingers around one testicle.

Try to avoid grabbing his penis. Begin squeezing his testicle hard and the pain will make him pass out in less than ten seconds. All this has to do with the Plexus nerve and the Parasympathetic Nevis system. Which being over whelmed with nervis energy causing a loss of strength because this nerve signals also over whelm the sympathetic nervis system. This debilitating feeling can not be felt by a woman except if she has a disease of the ovaries.

The above effects are caused by a kick, knee, etc. Now the squeeze in any form causes the pressure in the testicle to rise and stay there or increase causing not a temporary but lasting effect. With a more lasting effect. Or you risk blindness or death. An attack to the female groin is to the clitoris. In a socker type kick the energy is absorbed by the mound of vesuvuis and the vulva major large women have the advantage.

The kick must be to the upper half of the slit with a toes pointed up. This kick or other strike is harder to execute. This type scraps the top half of the vulva and causes the vulva to open exposing the iner-vulva and clitoris to a scraping motion agenst the pelvis or breaking the pelvis.


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