Nms starbirth mission

They are as gross as they are awesome, and in this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about getting a Void Egg, which is where living ships come from. To get your hands on a Void Egg, you will need to head into space and summon The Anomaly.

Once that is done, visit the Quicksilver Merchant. You can purchase a Void Egg there for Quicksilver. The Void Egg is the key to starting the new mission to get your living ship. With the Void Egg in your Inventory, you need to head for the vastness of space and then begin warp jumping. It will take a random number of warp jumps to trigger your Void Egg, so you can either focus on doing jumps until it happens or just let it occur naturally if you want to focus on other things.

When the Void Egg finally activates, you will get a message on your communicator. This is the start of the Starbirth storyline, so be sure to keep some detailed notes from this point on. Record the message that you can get, as there are thirteen possible messages that you might receive. You will get new messages at what appears to be random intervals.

The first twelve messages are references to some glyph placements that you will need later, while the last one will indicate which galaxy you need to be into progress the quest.

After that comes a long chain of events that we are still working through, but we will have relevant guides for you just as soon as we get to grips with this new quest. All rights reserved. Image via Hello Games. Older Posts.

nms starbirth mission

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No Man's Sky Starbirth Mission Full Walkthrough

Please let me know if there's any incorrect information. You still might see communication stations with messages, but after you leave the Nexus, you'll want to play solo.

If you have not started the quest i. Make sure you do NOT have the maximum 6 ship capacity in your freighter — you will NOT be able to get a Living Ship unless you are willing to sacrifice your 6th ship by either leaving it at the site where you claim your living ship or by scrapping it at any space station.

Familiarize yourself with how planet coordinates work — think longitude and latitude. There are plenty of resources out there that will help you out. You might also receive a Void Egg as a gift from another player see the note above for more information on the gifted eggs.

A note will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen that will give you estimated coordinates to find - for example, I was given: ??? Fly as close as possible to those estimated coordinates, then land your ship.

The coordinates will update with a more specific location - mine updated to: Walk around until you get even closer and the coordinates will eventually give you the exact sequence - mine updated to: You're basically looking for a Korvax Plaque - interact with it and you'll be given a blueprint to build a Convergence Bridge Hexite, 60 Pugneum and 1 Korvax Casing.

The quest will point the way so you can get the Hexite from a nearby location the quest will point the way - I got a crashed freighter, but I've seen people get other locationsthe Pugneum you can get from killing Sentinels and you can purchase a Korvax Casing from a Korvax vendor or search green cargo crates until you find one. Build the Convergence Bridge, return to the Plaque and interact with it again. You'll then be given a Fragile Neural Stem.

Wait for approximately 21h 53m real-time and manually save your game at this stage. Find the Korvax Plaque just like you did in Phase 1 with the given planet coordinates. Build the Solar Ray into a free slot in your Multi Tool.It's called Starbirth and sends players on an intergalactic trading sequence of sorts.

It takes a while to complete, and features new items and mechanics at times. We've put together a full walkthrough to help you get to the end. First off, you'll need to actually start the mission.

You can find info on how to do so here. Once it's triggered, head to the first target planet. You will likely need an Emeril Drive for this, which you can pick up at a Space Station. Once you arrive at the first destination, the egg will activate.

Examine the Void Egg in your inventory. It will display the following:. This text points you toward your next destination. Get into the atmosphere and you will be given coordinates to follow. To view your current coordinates, switch to first person ship view. You can do so by pressing down on the d-pad. Coordinates are displayed on a screen to your left. Fly around until the numbers start to rise or fall in the direction of the target value.

You may need to leave the atmosphere and pulse to speed this up. Once you're near your destination, get out of your ship and look for a nearby alien structure. You will come across a Korvax relic which will give you a Blueprint for a Consciousness Bridge. Here's what you'll need:. You'll be directed to a source of Hexite.

nms starbirth mission

Head there first. Now you'll need Pugneum. Kill Sentinels for this, three should do. Purchase a Korvax Casing from a space station or Trading Post. You can buy this from any Korvax stepping out of their ships. You can now put the Consciousness Bridge together.

Make your way back to the biogenesis structure and insert the item. You'll be given an item that will need to mature.

You can speed things up using the method outlined in this guide.

nms starbirth mission

Fly into space and then engage Pulse engines, as before. You'll be given another system to reach. Once again, read the description of the Void Egg, it will point to a planet. Here's what ours said.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. No Man's Sky Store Page. Global Achievements. If so, I have no found any nearby and it wont show me a way point or pathway at all. Showing 1 - 15 of 82 comments. I have a similar problem!

Except I did get a marker, I got to that system, the marker isn't there anymore and it's still telling me to find the marked system. I have opened 3 tickets, two yesterday and one today after I went into experimental.

I've tweeted them and reported it in the Reddit megathread. Until it's fixed I have a broken mission in my log and this mission series doesn't have the reset option, even if you travel far away Stoneball View Profile View Posts.

I have same issue. I spent 5 minutes in anomaly and it didn't help. Originally posted by Stoneball :. It is usually only 1 or 2 jumps away.

Fly there to continue the mission. Last edited by Lord Geldric ; 20 Feb pm. I checked to see if it was the current active mission, and even tried changing back and forth from other missions, because that has helped in past missions.

No help. And the map does not have "current mission" as an option. I have spent several hours trying things that I have learned in hours of NMS and nothing has helped.

Erm, indeed the map does have current mission, Altas Path, Galaxy core, etc. Originally posted by Geldric :. As a test, I opened another one of my saved games and bought an egg. Still waiting for mission to start. I found my marker by zooming way out, it was 7 jumps away.

How to get a Void Egg and start the Starbirth mission in No Man’s Sky

Can confirm that I've got a similar problem. I'm at the same stage of the mission and it bugged out. I went to the coordinates that it told me to go to; however once I got there, there was no structure or anything to interact with. The mission log also updated to say to find an appropriate system which I was already in. I've tried waiting in the anomaly for a while as well as warping as far as I could go multiple times with no luck.

Looks like there are some bugs that need squishing still. Originally posted by Simpin :. Just tried the experimental branch, no luck. Looks like I'll be poking around the save file to see if the mission can be reset. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 20 Feb pm.As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform.

Read more here. After the Space Encounter with a strange starshipVoid Egg becomes active and produces a number of coordinates which the player must follow to learn new technologies and repeat a long-forgotten Korvax experiment.

I took aboard an egg from the Space Anomaly. Since then, a strange consciousness, a mind I cannot fathom, has impregnated itself within my starship. The strange egg I carry called out to another organism, a bizarre hybrid of starship and living being. Void Egg becomes an Active Void Egg. It now hums a strange music, calling me towards a world of strange, haunted terrain and bizarre colours. Initially the coordinates are incomplete, and become more accurate approaching the specified location.

They lead to a Korvax Plaque where the player is required to provide a Consciousness Bridgeand the blueprint for building one.

No Man's Sky: Starbirth Void Egg Mission

Building a Consciousness Bridge requires Hexite which the player can obtain from the marked Crashed Freighter. Void Egg becomes a Stirring Void Egg. It now hums a strange music, calling me towards a harsh world of dust, fire, and ice.

Once the Fragile Neural Stem matures into the Mature Neural Stemthe player will have another Space Encounter with a strange starship, and receive directions to a star system with an extreme Barren planet, where a set of unstable coordinates is received. They become more stable on approach and lead to another Korvax Plaque.


At the Plaque the player is required to provide a Pulsating Corethe blueprint required for building one, and the Solar Ray blueprint. After the Pulsating Core is provided, the player receives a Fragile Heart which has to mature for 19 - 25 hours.

Void Egg becomes awakened. It now hums a strange music, calling me towards a paradise, a gentle world of life and water. Once the Fragile Heart matures into the Mature Heart Nodethe player will have another Space Encounter with a strange starship, and receive directions to a possibly abandoned star system with an extreme Lush planet, where a set of coordinates leading to another Korvax Plaque is received.A full explanation of the Rules can be found here.

Question Question about Starbirth? At least to me. I've spent the last few hours happily going through the mission and getting slowly closer to that Living Ship.

Thought I think I've hit a bit of a wall. Once I collected all brain, heart, shell and singularity thingy, I was told to once again follow the call of the egg.

I haven't collected them all yet and am thinking that I need to in order to progress the mission. If this is the case, is there an easy way to find them?

If I don't need to find them, then what am I supposed to do? You'll need the glyphs. The way to grind them is to find Travellers and ask them where they came from. These days most space stations have one or two. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. NoMansSkyTheGame comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

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nms starbirth mission

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How to Get Living Ships in No Man’s Sky

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