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We are proud to announce that e-bikeshop.

How To Make Your Ebike Go Faster

For the past few years we have been extremely successful with our exclusive Bosch tuning kits that derestrict the electric bike so that you can reach assisted speeds of over 15mph. We can now use similar technology on our new Yamaha eBikes arriving shortly. These kits work in a similar way but plumb in differently.

Not something you have to worry about as we do the hard work for you for free! Basically the Yamaha speed tuning dongles trick the system into thinking its going half as fast as it actually is. This allows you the rider to pedal past the 15mph barrier and reach speeds up to 30mph assisted. Although a simple format, the technology behind it is a little more complicated!

But you need not worry. All you have to do is plug it in when you want the bike derestricted. We plumb the wiring kit into the Yamaha bike before it leaves the workshop. Yes of course, just unplug it. The cable kit remains but the bike reverts back to normal. When you want it to go faster just plug it back in. Obviously the UK law states that eBikes should only be assisted to 15mph.

Therefore the speed tuning kit is strictly for off road private land use only. Yes the speed is halved on the display, therefore you have to double it for a true reading.

When you unplug the dongle it reverts back to standard. Really the question is why not?. But in all seriousness, it can be frustrating hitting the 15mph barrier, particularly off road when you are really going for it and the assistance backs off. Also a lot of people can average faster than 15mph, therefore the majority of their ride the rider is just riding a slightly heavier bike around with no assistance.

The Tuning kit is the answer to sit at a comfortable speed assisted. No, the tuning kit is exclusively available to our own customers. If you decide not to get one at first, this is a not a problem, as long as you have your original bike sales receipt from us we can fit one for you at a later date, maybe free service time? Yes you can, however it will not be dispatched. It has to be fitted by our workshop technicians exclusively on our own eBikes.

Remember you can unplug it, so to save a journey you could have it fitted from new, but unplug it for your first few rides. Then plug it in when you are comfortable with how the eBike performs. The Yamaha Tuning Dongles can be found here. Or why not take a look at our full range of Yamaha powered eBikes here. In particular Martin is a major player for progressing the use of eMTB's, today owner of e-bikeshop. By Martin Brown on August 15, JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. All SpeedBox products. The installation of the SpeedBox devices is very easy, because due to the shape of the plugs a faulty connection is not possible. The installation of the device does not cause any damages to your electric bike.

By the way, every SpeedBox is being tested before dispatch. According to the manufacturer, the SpeedBox tuning tool consists only of high-quality components produced by globally known manufacturers. The microcomputer which controls the device has even been certified for the automotive industry!

Many customers in the whole world already use the SpeedBox to make their electric bicycles faster. There are many different versions of the SpeedBox Tuning Module:. Due to statutory regulations it is not allowed to use E Bike Tuning Tools on public roads. They are for off road private land use only.

More info! This website uses cookies to enable certain functions and to improve your user experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Privacy Policy. Menu Search My Account. Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. Search: Search. E Bike Tuning. SpeedBox 2 for Bosch. SpeedBox 2 for Giant. SpeedBox 1 for Impulse 2. SpeedBox 1 for Shimano EBy Guy Kesteven. Haibike has more than 80 different e-bike models in its range. The shock drives back and down through the seat tube.

But Haibike uses a chainstay not seatstay pivot to create a true four-bar linkage, and the SDURO has mm of travel and space for a 2. Standover height is very tall though, and the dropper post routing is external.

haibike speed hack

While the Yamaha and Bosch motors are more closely matched to each other than to the Shimano and Brose units in terms of feel and noise, there are some differences.

Bosch torque tops out at 75nm, whereas the Yamaha is 70nm in the four lower modes but stretches to 80nm in the top setting. The max cadence of rpm only applies in that mode though.

A mm front rotor helps the four-pot Magura brakes get rid of speed easily, even if the lever feel is spongy. The 40mm rims work well to support the premium Schwalbe tyres but the wheels are heavy. A mm bar and 55mm stem give fast reactions and decent leverage to control them.

At least the chain is reinforced. Its tall ride height, degree head angle and short reach make it better for cruising than gravity-bombing though. Our rating. December 2, at am. Latest deals. Our review Potentially decent plus-tyred cruiser, but weight, handling and Yamaha motor limit current fun.

Pros: Smooth, traction-friendly power and high maximum torque. Skip to view product specifications. Guy Kesteven. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. Mountain bike wheel sizes: 26in, b and 29in explained.

bikespeed - tuning for your pedelec or e-bike

You may also like. Electric Bikes. Focus Sam2 e-MTB first ride review. Mountain Bikes.Micah Toll. There are a number of impressive competitors in the high-end electric bicycle market, including innovative offerings from companies like Optibike and Stromer.

To remain competitive, companies are racing to outdo each other on high-tech features and novel designs. Haibike recently revealed their new FLYON line of electric bicycles, which have certainly embraced a creative approach to remain both innovative and creative. From an incredibly torquey in-house motor design to a ram air cooling intake, Haibike has embraced thinking outside the conventional e-bike box. New motor, innovative operating concept, more connectivity and intelligent design.

Whether in terms of integration, digitalization or performance — FLYON sets new standards in the high-end sector. Behind the first ever Haibike ePerformance system stands German engineering power combined with intelligent technology and many years of know-how. The motor itself has one of the highest torque ratings in the industry with Nm The battery is housed inside the downtube of the carbon frame but is fully removable. And to keep that battery cool while it is powering such a beefy motor, the FLYON line has included a distinctive split grill and air intake at the front of the bike, which forces cooling air down around the battery.

In addition to the motor and battery specs, the FLYON line also surpasses most other e-bikes with an impressive list of other innovations and features. That speed measurement is displayed dynamically on the stem-mounted color display.

The faster you ride, the larger the speedometer measurement appears, making it easier to quickly glance at your speed and keep your eyes on the road when traveling faster. No more replacing bicycle light batteries! The front headlight is a whopping 5, lumens and is built directly into the handlebars, merging into the display housing. It can be either manually operated or employ a light sensor to automatically illuminate when necessary. The main headlight offers a low beam and high beam mode, depending on whether you just want to simply be seen or really illuminate your surroundings.

The FLYON e-bikes include built-in GPS sensors inside of the frames, and the frames are also user adjustable to dial in the perfect geometry for each individual rider. I love seeing innovation like this in the e-bike industry. Of course without riding the bike yet, its hard to say if that innovation results in an improved ride and experience, but I am quite optimistic based on the design effort and high-end component selection found in these e-bikes.

The battery is described as 48V, but it is also apparently a 56 cell battery. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow Electrek on TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn to stay in the loop.

Guides ebikes. July 10, The rear lights are incorporated seamlessly into the seat stays. You can send him tips at Micah electrek. Micah Toll's favorite gear. Fast and fun and affordable electric scooter! A small but surprisingly capable electric bike!But due to current legislation they are restricted to 15mph 25kph. Are you fed up with the power cutting off when you reach the speed limit?. We are the only UK suppliers of the Bosch tuning dongle that takes away the speed cut off restriction and allows you to reach higher speeds on your Bosch w or w ebike system.

Now lets set the records straight from the start. Therefore the speed tuning dongle we supply is for off road private land use only. The Bosch speed tuning dongle is a tiny gadget that makes a big difference.

How to make E-Bike go Faster – Increase E-Bike Speed

Its then a bit of a dull moment as the electric assistance cuts out and its back to a normal pedal bike. This is where the speed tuning de-restriction device takes over. It takes away the cut off and allows you to keep pedalling as fast as you want with the motor power still assisting. This totally transforms the bike as a lot of people want to go faster, I for example am not too fussed about going a crazy high speeds but I generally average around 18mph so for most of my ride I would normally be outside of the power range.

Wow what a difference it makes — no longer are you just getting interested and the motor cuts out! Oh no! The thing just keeps going! Just what I wanted. A lot of people ask me about the Bosch S w pedelecs. Now this w Bosch motor gives the exact same assistance levels and torque as the w motor. The only difference is that the w motor is capable of higher speeds out the box. However if you plan to use the ebike both on and off-road. The w motor will always be illegal to use on the road as its above the motor wattage limit.

Its fairly obvious when looking at the bike that is is a speed pedelec. This cannot be used on the road at all — as one guy recently found out when he was hit by a bus. The cyclist was not at fault but had the book thrown at him when his bike was accessed and found to be a Bosch S pedelec.

He was then liable for all damages resulting in a lot of money, he also lost his driving license as a w motor is classed as a motor vehicle! With this in mind remember that the w motor with the dongle fitted will actually out speed the w motor.

It is also compliant with the dongle detached. The Bosch speed tuning dongle is software based and wires into the speed sensor. Its fairly simple to fit. Giving you complete flexibility of when you wish to use it.The odometer, average and maximum speed display, range calculation etc.

Of course, the existing support levels and starting profiles remain unchanged. In order to make your e-bike faster with the bikespeed-RS, a light activation is not necessary and you may also use the tuning if a battery-powered light system is already installed on your bike.

The installation of the tuning was designed by us as simple as possible. All necessary connections are pluggable through the proven bikespeed cable sets.

Thus no tapping of cables on your pedelec is necessary, and a fast and trackless dismantling is possible at any time. The activation of the speed limit can be switched via a key sequence on the display or handlebar control panel.

You can watch the process including the switch-on combination here in the video. The tuning calibrates itself automatically to your pedelec when you switch on. The motor, the display and the tire size are recognized automatically. The tuning is thus universally applicable to make your e-bike faster - you do not have to make any settings manually.

You will find detailed information on installation and operation for your e-bike model in our illustrated installation instructions, which are available for download here. A customer has made a video about the installation of the bikespeed-RS on his Haibike Xduro with Bosch Performance-Line engine: to the installation video on Youtube many thanks to Fivepixel!

In response to numerous requests from our customers, we also offer our RealSpeed tuning in an individually configurable custom variant. With the bikespeed-RSc you not only have the possibility to make your e-bike faster, but also to configure your own personal settings, so that you or your tuning are protected from prying eyes at all times. You can decide for yourself if and when the tuning should show its status via an animation of the battery display, with which key combination it can be switched on and off and how your tuning behaves after switching on your bike.

Since the configuration options vary depending on the engine, we recommend that you simply set up your personal bikespeed-RSc in our shop. There all options are explained in detail during the configuration process - of course without the need to place an order at the end.

haibike speed hack

The greatest advantage of the bikespeed-RS is its simplicity for you as a user, as we focused on uncomplicated handling during its development. RS means: In contrast to older tuning methods, which halved the speedometer value to bypass the speed lock, here all values shown on your display always correspond to the actual data.

You will not notice at all that a tuning is installed. After the installation of the bikespeed-RS it will Bit seamlessly into your pedelec. It makes your e-bike faster and thus provides signiBicantly more riding fun.

We are often asked where the advantages are compared to other tunings on the market. Our answer: We are enthusiastic pedelec riders ourselves - and our enthusiasm flows into the development and continuous optimization of our products. So the tunings are developed by pedelec fans for pedelec fans and are constantly improved through our daily use.

We believe that this is the greatest advantage for our customers. Due to our experience after thousands of kilometres of riding, we know what is important for the ride. That's why the bikespeed-RS works in every level - and you can decide with a simple key combination when you want to use it and make your e-bike faster. Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible support.

haibike speed hack

This includes a prompt and personal response tailored to the individual customer request. With this approach, we have been able to eliminate any ambiguities that may have arisen in the short term.

When payment is received, an order is usually dispatched on the same day and is then in most cases with you the next day.

How to hack / derestrict your ebike for free

We have focused on the simplest possible handling and do not want to distract the user from the pleasure of driving by complicated operating procedures. All necessary settings are automatically recognized by the bikespeed-RS.

You only have to decide whether you want to ride with or without tuning. Thanks to our optimizations, the bikespeed-RS is not perceptible while riding.Eplus is a new multifunction smart controller that is easily installed in the ebike motor crankcase. The controller reads the data from the engine in real time and, via Bluetooth technology, sends data to the app, which the client installs on their smartphone.

Back in the days, u would improve car performances with a chip. This is a similar thing for E-bikes. How is this legit?

Included: a cover lettering that warns you that there is an anti-theft system on the bike. Calories, cadence, heart rate only using a low energy bluetooth compatible heart rate monitortotal and partial path travel, average speed, power in watts and torque, pedaling time.

Speed, timing, distance, gradient, altitude, pedal power, engine power, current and average cadence. Features only available with Advanced Evolution under development. Record and store workouts and paths by making them available in the app for later analysis.

The release of the speed limiter in public places such as roads, squares, cycling tracks is prohibited by law. Therefore, it is possible to activate the unlocking in local places such as circuits, slopes and private properties.

Derestrict your Electric Bicycle !

Activating this feature on the device may invalidate the bicycle factory warranty. The manufacturer declines any responsibility for any damage caused to the assisted pedal bicycles on which the Eplus system is mounted. The manufacturer declines any responsibility for damages to people or things caused or in any way related to the use of Eplus. If u own some of the mentioned ebikes u can check manuals here.

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